Government of Anguilla( and Venezuela sites hacked by UGBrazil

The hacker called as "UGBrazil" has managed to breach the server belong to Government of Anguilla (, Official website for government offices, includes links, phone numbers and addresses.

He has leaked the compromised database in pastehtml( . The leak contains user id,  password, email address, first name, last name details.

After further researcher , we have discovered that the database is already leaked by another hacker. In fact, the hacker has already cracked the passwords.

At that time, he has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in that government site including SQLi, XSS, and open ftp connection.  The worst part is that the vulnerability is not yet fixed. It means that the admin didn't aware about the breach for 2 years.

Government of Venezuela hack

UGBrazil also defaced the official website of Government of Venezuela.( At that time of writing , the site still displays the defacement page.
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