#OpVendetta :Ecuador government and Army sites hacked by LulzSec_Ecuador

The Hacker knonwn as LulzSec_Ecuador has breached various government and Army websites and defaced them.

"For Many this is an enemy Proclaimed revolutionary and liberal idea- this is a reality army. Pero . We are realistic Dreamer with Glasses " The translation of the message posted in the defacement page reads.

Three Army subdomains has been defaced by the hackers including INOCAR(inocar.mil.ec), Navy Planetarium(planetario.inocar.mil.ec), eimaga.inocar.mil.ec.

The defaced page

They have also defaced the official website of Governor of the Province of Guayas(goberguayas.gob.ec) and National committee ERFEN(erfen.gob.ec).

At the time of writing, All of the sites are not restored and still displays the defacement page created by hackers.
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