Beware of Bank of America spam mails : "Online Banking Passcode Changed"

A new spam mail campaign claims your online Banking passcode has been changed. Webroot researchers has come across emails that trick Bank of America customers into clicking the malicious link .

Your online Banking passcode was requested to reset on [DATE]

Your Security is important to us. If you are nescient of this change, please contact us immediately at this form[LINK]
An Innocent user will believe someone has accessed his account and click the provided link.  Once he clicked the link, he will be brought to malware page that hosts the latest version of BlackHole Exploit kit.

"We’ve already seen the same email ( used in a previously profiled malicious campaign impersonating Intuit – “ ‘Intuit Payroll Confirmation inquiry’ themed emails lead to the Black Hole exploit kit“, where the client-side exploit-serving URL ( was also registered with the same email." Researcher says.


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