Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Database Dumped

Legatus Pilipinas Hacker group has break into the website belong to Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism(  They have dumped the compromised Database.

"The government must be afraid of the people. The people must not be afraid of their government." Hacker said in their fan page.

Hackers claimed to have leaked only small portion of the stolen database as the database is huge.

The leak contains MYSQL Users , password hashes, database names, table information.  It also contains sensitive information including admin user id , hashed passwords and email addresses.

Even though the passwords are hashed with MD5 algorithm, hackers are able to crack the hash as the password strength is very weak. Yes , one of the passwords is '123456'.

To demonstrate the fact that they got unauthorized access to the website, they've provided use screenshots.

The screenshots can be found here:

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