Full VMware ESX Server Kernel source code Leaked by Anonymous 'Stun'

anonymous hacker

Today, The Anonymous hacker with a handle 'Stun' has announced the leak of source code of VMware ESX server kernel in Twitter.

The hacker has uploaded a 1.89 Mb File in 1337x.org with a message that explains the reason for the attack.
http://1337x.org/torrent/421062/VMware-ESX-Server-Kernel-LEAKED/ #Anonymous #AntiSec #SourcySleazySundays" Hacker tweet reads.

"Which VMware has succeed to ignore and continue producing on same level like it's buddy Symantec did. Bullshitting people and selling crap. But it's time for Anonymous finally to deliver." The anonymous said in the leak.

Inside the downloaded archive

"Ofc VMware will try to make like this Kernel is old and isn't used in its recent products. But thanks god, there is still such as thing as reverse engineering that will prove it's true destiny."

According to their press release, the leaked VMKernel is from between 1998 and 2004.  But kernels don't change that much in programs, they get extended or adapted but some core functionality still stays the same.

Earlier this year, Anonymous Hacker with the name 'HardcoreCharle' leaked VMWare Source code.  He claimed that the leaked code and associated commentary dates to the 2003 to 2004 timeframe.

We are not sure how stun compromised the source code but HardcoreCharle compromised by breaching the corporate network of the China National Electronics Import-Export Corporation (CEIEC), a Beijing-based firm.

We contact Stun regarding the previous source code leak. "ESX kernel not included...." He responded. But, when we asked how he got this file, he failed to respond.  Anyone have the previous version leak?! If so, then please verify and do inform us.
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