Intruders hack Texan bank,accessed login credentials for the bank's account with Experian

Hackers has gained access to the west Texan bank's system after they broke into an employee's system last year.

The breach allowed the intruders to gain access to the login credentials for the bank account with Experian, exposing the details of millions to potential snooping in the process.

Then, they downloaded credit credit reports on 847 people.  They also compromised Social Security numbers, birth dates and detailed financial data on people across the country who had an account with the small Texan bank.

"The incident is one of 86 data breaches since 2006 that expose flaws in the way credit-reporting agencies protect their databases. Instead of directly targeting Experian, Equifax Inc. and TransUnion Corp., hackers are attacking affiliated businesses, such as banks, auto dealers and even a police department that rely on reporting agencies for background credit checks."Bloomberg report says.
According to their report, more than 17,00 credit reports have been taken from agencies since 2006.

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