Facebook Clickjacking spam : "She is 17-years-old, she did it publicly in high school while drunk"

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Facebook scams with image of attractive girls while doing various things are not new one.  The Hoax-slayer has come across another one that leads to like jack attack and lure users into completing surveys for watching videos.

"[STUNNING!!] She is 17-years-old, she did it publicly in high school while drunk, really stunning!" The title of the scam post reads.

When a user click the link, it will open a fake video webpage. If a user click the play button  on the bogus video actually, it "likes" the scam post and displays it on your Facebook profile.

Then it will open another page where users are asked to complete survey in order to verify your age before viewing the video.

Once a victim completes the survey , they are requested to provide their mobile phone number, the information being utilized to sign them up for paid SMS services.
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