Antileaks Hackers Launch DDOS Attacks on Russia Today(

Russia Today( become latest victim of a massive Distributed-denial-of-service(DDoS) attack from the Antileaks Hacker group.

"BREAKING: down again after massive DDoS attack. Follow us on Twitter for all news & updates" A tweet from RT confirmed the attack.

"Yes. We are behind the DDoS attack on #RT_com. #FreePussyRiot" Antileaks tweet reads.

The hackers that attacked put a #FreePussyRiot hashtag in the end of their tweet, expressing their support for the three alleged members of punk band Pussy Riot who are currently on trial in Moscow.

At the time of writing, the is back up and running.

Anti Leaks is one of the newer hacking groups who take down the wikileaks site earlier this month. Also, the hacker group take down the Bambuser site yesterday with DDOS attack.
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