Yale University website hacked by #NullCrew

The hacker group known as "NullCrew" has been very busy in the past few days.  After they breached the ASUS estore and South African ISP directory, now they hacked into the Yale University website.

"Hello. This release merely had a reason other than to prove that nothing is secure. In fact, the governmental and educational sites are the least secure in the experience we've had with .edu and .gov websites." The Hacker wrote.

Hacker  compromised and leaked the details of 1200 Yale students and Staff. The leak contains username, passwords, email address. The passwords are in plain text format.

Hacker calimed that they also compromised more sensitive information from Yale.edu including Social Security Numbers, names, address, phone numbers ,but because their purpose is merely to show that nothing is secure, they haven't release those details.

" You don't believe our reason hm? Well, we had access to the SSNs, Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers of 1200 Yale students and staff. We didn't dump those, because of our reason; to prove nothing is secure. Let's start the dump now. The format is Username, Password, Email. Enjoy."
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