Netcom Hacked and database Leaked by NullCrew

Over the past few days, The Hacker group #Nullcrew has been busy in leaking the database compromised from popular sites - to show that nothing is secure. Net Communications or Netcom, appears to be the latest victim.

"My reason was simple. I reported it and they pretty much said 'f*** off' " Hackers wrote in the leak.

The leak contains database information, details of staff,clients and members. 
While the staff and the clients tables don’t hold any sensitive data, the member table contains information such as usernames, password hashes, addresses, email addresses and other identification details.

After Softpedia Reporter contacted the Netcom’s representatives, Simon Gurney, the Managing Director of Net Communications has responded by issuing the following the statement:

The expression " Cobbler's shoes" comes to mind!

News of PHP 4 being phased out reached us way back in 2007 with most of our clients being moved onto new servers running PHP 5 by 2008 when PHP 4 was announced end of life and no longer supported.

We kept an old PHP 4 server running with our website still on it while we were working to upgrade. However " Cobbler's shoes" our clients' work always comes first!

Net Communications has been an I.S.P. for 17 years which must make us one of the industry's older members (but never complacent). We are based amongst sheep and sugar beet in very rural North Norfolk and in TELEHOUSE Docklands.

“My reason was simple. I reported it and they pretty much said ‘f*** off’,” one of the hackers wrote. I'm not sure about this as we are a small office and that is not the sort of language used except perhaps when the sheep get out.

I'm wondering if they spoke to one of the many companies calling themselves Netcom and variations of Net Communications by mistake?

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