Hackers leaked more than 20,000 clear text passwords stolen from Billabong

What i said yesterday is true, it is another password-leak week. It started with social media network Formspring and continued with AndroidForums.com and Yahoo! Today it is Billabong.

Hackers group WikiBoat break into the website of the sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer Billabong as part of its WikiBoatWednesday operation.

The hackers published the email addresses, users IDs and clear text passwords of over 20,000 users.
Billabong has confirmed the breach and shut down its official website while the incident is being investigated.

“At this stage, we understand that the customer database contains personal information of certain customers of the website, but no financial data. We view this attack as an extremely serious matter and have taken urgent action to contain the incident and prevent further attacks occurring,” a company representative told SC Magazine.

“We are continuing to gather information about the incident and to establish the extent and nature of the data that may have been accessed. We will take further appropriate measures as new information comes to light.”
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