fake Facebook photo tag notification leads to BlackHole Exploit page

Legitimate-looking emails that tell users they’ve been tagged in a picture on Facebook have been found to serve in a malicious campaign designed to spread a nasty Trojan. The email has been intercepted by Sophos Labs.

Apparently originating from notification@faceboook.com (with three “o”s), the notifications tell the recipients that a member of the social media site has added a photo of them, Sophos experts report.

Once user click the link provided in the email , he will be taken to a website that hosts BlackHole Exploit kit.

To avoid raising any suspicion, within four seconds your browser is taken via a META redirect to the Facebook page of a presumably entirely innocent individual.

In background, BlackHole Exploit kit take advantage of the vulnerabilities resides in the user system and drops a malware file onto the victim’s computer.
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