2 UK police and US Navy.mil sites hacked by 'The Unknowns' Hackers

The Unknown hackers group claimed to have hacked into the Essex Police(www.essex.police.uk) , Port Of Tilbury Police,SEMPRA ENERGY(www.portoftilbury.police.u) and US Navy(navy.mil) and Deutsch Federal Government sites.

To prove unauthorized access to those websites , the hackers have made public a number of screenshots, along with large amounts of information obtained from the breached sites.

Hackers leaked the confidential data in AnonPaste. One of the leak contains username and password details belong to the two UK police sites( Essex Police and Port Of Tilbury Police sites). The other leak contains sensitive data belong to Deutsch Federal Government,SEMPRA ENERGY, US Navy.

Last month, hackers break into NASA, US Air Force, ESA sites and leaked confidential data. In the last month press release, hackers proclaimed that they are going to attack more sites.

“And for all the other websites out there: We're coming, please, get ready, protect your website and stop us from hacking it, whoever you are. Contact us before we take action and we will help you, and will not release anything... It's your choice now,”

The recent hack clearly indicates that hackers started to implementing what they have proclaimed.
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