Zer0Lulz & TeamHav0k discovered XSS vulnerability in Top 10 Universities: #OPBig10

The well known Grey hat hacker groups Zer0Lulz and TeamHav0k joined and launched an operation called "#OP Big10".  Big10P was an operation to make colleges and universities aware that even the best colleges in the world are still insecure.

As part of the operation, they identified Cross site scripting(XSS) Vulnerabilities in Ten popular university websites.   The university Northwestern uinv ,Purdue univ,University of Illinois,University of Michigan,Penn State,University of Minnesota,University of Wisconsin,Ohio State ,University of Iowa and Indiana University are vulnerable to XSS attack.

Hackers listed some university website as High risk websites, those sites can be used to steal cookies from users.They also provide a proof of concept(POC) in pastebin release.
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