Citadel banking Trojan developed as open source Malware

a few weeks ago, Security researcher Brain Krebs reported about Citadel Trojan, a new variant of Banking Trojan Zeus. According to the Seculert analysis, Malware authors created a social network that enables the customers of Citadelto suggest a new features and modules to the malware, report bugs and other errors in the system, comment and discuss related issues with fellow customers.

"Seculert's Research Lab discovered the first indication of a Citadel botnet on December 17th, 2011."Seculert posted in their blog."The level of adoption and development of Citadel is rapidly growing, and since then Seculert has identified over 20 different Citadel botnets."

Each version of the malware added new modules and features, some of which were submitted by the Citadel customers themselves.

They have included the following features in their malware: AES Encryption ,Avoiding Trackers Detection,Security vendors websites blacklist ,Trigger-based Video Recording.

Similar to legitimate software companies, the Citadel authors provide their customers with a User Manual, Release Notes and a License Agreement

"By looking at the developments in the software world, the open-source model may be well accepted in the cybercrime ecosystem as well" Seculert believes that the success of this Trojan could drive other malware writers to adopt the open-source model.
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