Norway Under CyberAttack: Hackers Steal Oil,Energy and Defense Industry Secrets

Norway under CyberAttack, The Norwegian National Security Authority said that industrial secrets from the oil, energy and defense industries had been stolen .

At least 10 different attacks, mostly aimed at the oil, gas, energy and defense industries, were discovered in the past year, but the agency said it has to assume the number is much higher because many victims have yet to realize that their computers have been hacked. This is the first time Norway has unveiled such an extensive and widespread espionage attack

Spokesman Kjetil Berg Veire added it is likely that more than one person is behind the attacks.

The methods varied, but in some cases individually crafted e-mails that, armed with viruses, would sweep recipients’ entire hard-drives for data and steal passwords, documents and confidential documents.

The agency said in a statement that this type of data-theft was “cost-efficient” for foreign intelligence services and that “espionage over the Internet is cheap, provides good results and is low-risk.” Veire would not elaborate, but said it was not clear who was behind the attacks.

Important Norwegian institutions have been targeted by hackers before.

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